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The mind behind the music, singer/songwriter Lynn Thompson soulfully sings an eclectic spectrum of musical styles. Strong sounds and curious rhythms blend in a pleasing repertoire that exists on the fringes of eclectic mix of folksy-rock, jazz, country, and folk.  Lynn Thompson is a self-taught musician and lyricist and has been exploring creative styles since age 9 and performs regularly on the Michigan and Chicago live circuit scene. He is a real yet illusive artist that the discerning music lover should get acquainted with.  Thompson spins an ingeniously distinct sound with his 12 String Acoustic.


New music
Lynn has been in the studio with new music coming soon....



Past Albums

The latest album releasing in December 2016 "My Flying Friend" is a album for all ages with pleasurable easy listening, blending spinning an eclectic mix of folksy-rock and tinges of bluegrass and heartfelt Americana. Be sure to check out "My Flying Friend"  available for download and hard copy purchase.  Each song provides elements to everyday experiences makes this album one that will age well.

His past album More Money quote from Revue Magazine November 2008 -Michael Loffelman

"Classify this album under "meaty, invigorating jazz infused rock." More Money features some great interaction among Grand Rapids' best local talent on saxophones, bass and percussion in particular.  Guitar, flute and vocals flesh out the already strong performances. 

Tracks are hook and groove laden from beginning to end.  Saxophones are often the driving force, and whether it's an extended solo  or simple flourish they remain prominent throughout.

Sax is smooth on the opener "Feeling Numb", which has enough funky pep to herald the following "More Money", where the solos take off.

Shifting with grungy, heavy push on "Dream Girl", (Track 3) which is a swanky tune about a movie starlet. "Let me in", is a soft ballad and a welcome breather it's the one song you can slow dance to.

The album finishes strong with the deep grooves of the rowdy "Come to Daddy", where playful songs from previous tracks turn naughty.   The whole album is pretty sexy overall -

Musicians on "Moonshine Runner"

  • Lynn Thompson – 12 String and Vocals

  • Justin Avdek - Bass

  • Justin Wierenga - Electric Guitar

Musicians on "Flying Friend"

  • Lynn Thompson – 12 String and Vocals

  • Justin Avdek - Bass

  • Dan Giacobassi – Saxophone and Flute

  • Michael Kelly – Drums

  • Dutcher Wright Snedeker - Piano and Strings

  • Justin Wierenga - Electric Guitar

  • Craig Avery – Piano and Vocals

Lynn Thompson Country Bluegrass, Homespun Mountain Music. Handcrafted Original Singer Songwriter located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Listen online and download

  www.Lynn-Thompson.com    glthompson75@gmail.com 

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